Tough few ones know it, Puno is one of the provinces that possesses diverse, beautiful and hospitable tourist resources. Its wide range of tourist attractions includes from majestic testimonies of pre-Hispanic cultures up to some of the most colouring popular festivities of the continent (the Candelaria), passing for landscapes of dream that go from great Titicaca, the highest navigable lake of the world and villages that they preserve still great of their ancient inheritance.


The Lake Titikaka, the highest of the world placed to 3810 m.s.n.m. constitutes the most important attraction, besides the existing legend on the origin of the incaica culture when proceeds the mythical couple of the Lake Titikaka, in whose shores have developed the whole presence Aymara, across a people that has occupied certain areas of totorales, we refer to the floating islands of the Uros.


They are the archaeological remains of Sillustani, Cutimbo and Molloko. cemeteries pre Incas and Incas they were called Chullpas, constructed on the surface, attributed to the tiahuanacos.


The islands of Taquile and Amantaní, and peninsula Capachica , they are part of the tourist packages that sell worldwide, the same ones constitute as the principal destinations of rural and existential tourism of the country.